Logolounge 6 Book Review

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Logolounge 6 Book Review

Logolounge 6 is a diverse collection of logo work interspersed with articles and projects from the world’s top design agencies. Published by Rockport and collaboratively written by Catherine Fishel and Bill Gardner it contains 2,000 logos selected from 35,000 submissions to the website logolounge.com between 2009 and 2010.

The book follows the tradition of earlier hardback volumes and is quite large at 279 x 231 x 28 mm with a high quality dust jacket with neon print details. It contains 192 pages which are split between brand development articles and the main contributor gallery.

The logos are presented inside 45 x 45mm boxes with between 18 to 20 per page, a grid system ties them to the designer and client information at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately some of the logos (with longer lock-ups) suffer from the tight layout while the limited project information means the simple logo-marks miss vital relevance. The details of each designer can be found in the book’s index which includes name, country, phone number and website creating a good resource for companies looking for designers.

What makes the book stand out is its broad range of articles featuring high-profile projects such as Saffron’s Litro to smaller lesser known projects from companies such as Gee + Chung, Vision Creative and Parabureau. These range from an in-depth look at the development process for large corporate clients, to smaller high street brand developments. Each of these is well written and consistent giving a good level of insight into the decisions and directions taken, some of the design solutions are a little disappointing but this doesn’t detract from the overall quality of information.

Overall the logo work is of a high standard but needs a bit more background, the articles are very interesting and engaging while the physical qualities of the book are good. Priced at around £30.00/$50.00 it is one of the more expensive logo books out there but the articles and insights make it a valuable resource. This series has a big reach globally and is used as a reference for people looking for designers so it is worth submitting work for inclusion in the next volume. www.logolounge.com