IVPN by Richard Baird

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Sans-serif logotype designed by Richard Baird for secure network provider IVPN

IVPN was founded in 2009 by a group of information security professionals who aim to build a highly secure network using only the strongest proven VPN technologies while remaining user friendly. IVPN’s mission is to establish itself as a benchmark for high security VPN services, protecting its clients’ privacy and fostering trust. IVPN contacted me in October to develop an identity that would resolve their vision. In response to my logo questionnaire I identified the brand’s key values, structured these into a hierarchy and delivered architecture of manageable assets that included a logo-type and easily expandable icon suite.

The logo-type’s simple, bold, custom geometric and monospaced execution allows the brand’s message of steadfast security, reliability and unique service to be placed at the heart of the visual identity. The natural shield like aesthetic of the V has been emphasised and enhanced by extending its lower terminal past the baseline to introduce a protective and defensive quality. This detail also functions both as a visual and analogous barrier between the I (internet) and the N (a customers’ network) and is reinforced by an authoritative black and white colour palette. The radius placed on the corners softens the letter-forms enough to deliver a personal, accessible, service led sensibility without compromising the impact of the logo-type.

Icons designed by Richard Baird as part of a brand identity project for secure network provider IVPN

The light and consistent line weight of the icon set (a feature that also runs through the centre of a three-ply business card) delivers a distinctive contrast against the logo-type, resolving the technological and forward thinking aspect of the brand (in its reference to circuitry) while also having an underlying sense of consistency.

A simple shield motif has been utilised as a hero across the website, software and stationary, and forms the basis of an expanding coat of arms. Each icon is individually distinctive but unified under one aesthetic and can be easily expanded as the company develops further services.

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