Givr by Richard Baird

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Logotype designed by Richard Baird for credit card charity scheme Givr

Givr is a loyalty points scheme that will deliver donations to global charities on card purchases as an alternative to the low personal rewards of high street retailers and supermarkets. I was commissioned to develop a visual identity that would resolve the brands modern and technological approach to giving but executed with a sense of accessibility and reliability.

The Givr identity represents sharing and cooperation through the handwritten qualities of a custom script based logo-type. Its consistent line weight, geometric construction and flat terminals add a technological undertone while the internal space allows the identity to adopt the colours of partnered brands and credit cards. A heart has been subtly built into the ‘v’ character (and partially reflected across the ligatures and loops) to reflect the act of giving while its circular frame visualises the environmental, sustainable worldwide causes that benefit from the donations, our individual responsibility to the global community and draws in the aspect of money in its coin like form.

The colour palette captures the duality of the brand by mixing a brick-red, to emphasise care and love, while an alternative cool green reinforces the aspect of technology and forward thinking. These are executed as single spot colour print job to keep the brand focused, free of superfluous detail, consistent and appear practical with its resources.

An accompanying slab serif typeface introduces a down to earth and trustworthy sensibility to the brand that is also carried through a simple stamp and over print treatment across the collateral’s uncoated substrate.

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