Letcloud by Richard Baird

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Logo, logotype and website design and direction by Richard Baird for property management resource Letcloud

Letcloud will provide property owners with a dynamic, transparent, succinct and unbiased presentation of property management services available throughout the UK.

Richard led both the strategy and design of Letcloud’s visual identity system, positioning the brand as a reliable, accessible and trustworthy utility, through a simple combination of language, typography, colour, form and UI.

To establish a multi-layered communicative experience, Richard isolated the key values of the Letcloud service and distributed these between three primary assets, a logotype, logomark and website.

Logo design by Richard Baird for property management resource Letcloud

The logomark, like a lot of Richard’s work, takes a communicatively precise approach by blending familiar visual devices such as a key, house and cloud to achieve a subtle triality that resolves the themes of opportunity, security, home ownership and the storing of information on-line. It is playful and accessible but avoids appearing childish or cheap.

Uppercase slab-serif logotype designed by Richard Baird for property management resource Letcloud

A custom drawn logotype of simple geometric shapes utilises the origins of slab-serifs – devised when communication started to expand beyond the book – to convey a steadfast and industrious reliability. A single-line weight binds it to the logomark and gives it a sense of restraint and functionality.

The UI tabs and colour palette draw their inspiration from the utility of tax forms and the more basic layouts of early websites to establish a filing aesthetic that would be familiar and accessible to property owners who have limited understanding of web based services.

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