Richard is a British freelance designer and writer. Richard believes that effective design exists within the liminal space created by utility, intellect and design craft. Put differently, effective design has purpose, invites meaning-making and is created with care and creativity, be that a simple logo or brand strategy and brand identity.

Past clients have included architectural and interior design firms, homeware brands and fashion labels, photographers, insurance brokers and law firms. Richard is based in London and works with international businesses throughout Europe, across America, China and the UAE.

Richard, alongside his corporate clients, has also developed two publishing businesses; BP&O Ltd. and LogoArchive Ltd.

BP&O has offered its readers thoughts and opinion on brand identity for over 10 years, and at its height cultivated a following of over 88k visitors a month with a page view count of nearly 800k. He developed a voice and carved a space alongside legacy publications. LogoArchive has grown from an Instagram account of nearly 200k followers to a series of seventeen printed publications, an international programme of 30+ researchers, soon-to-launch research tool and newsletter.

Highlights from the past year have included a commissioned piece for Japanese magazine IDEA, recording a podcast with Monocle Magazine, winning a D&AD pencil, collaborations with Jim Sutherland and Hugh Miller and hosting the gallery exhibition “spieLerAum“.

Richard works with individuals and businesses on logo design, brand strategy and brand identity. He invites collaboration and enjoys sharing his experience with others. If you are a company looking to build a visual presence, a designer looking to collaborate or a publisher or event-maker looking for a speaker, get in touch.