This first edition of LogoArchive was conceived, designed and sent to the printers for quotation within a day. It was inspired by a panel discussion that took place the day before at Somerset House as part of the exhibition Print! Tearing It Up. Today’s zine format and the revival of the independent publishing spirit of the past is a provocation. It is an opportunity to further the practice of research, archival and dissemination beyond the book. A chance to investigate the potential of both individual object and its context within an ongoing project.

This first issue was a compact 12pp printed on Colorplan Ebony 135gsm with five passes of white and finished with black staples. It was a small first step but had ambitions to grow into a compelling and accessible series with each new zine marking its role within a continuum through iterative thinking. It was also the first printed piece to fall under the BP&O imprint.

Editor/Designer: Richard Baird
Format: 12pp Booklet.
Paper: Colorplan Ebony
Print: HP Indigo White
Binding: White Staples
ISBN: 978-1-5272-2608-1