I was asked by a renowned South Korean conglomerate to develop a symbol for one of their smaller textile manufacturing businesses.

This is one of a number of concepts developed as part of the project. Twists of fabric, an abstract F, flat patterns and darts (folds sewn into the reverse side of fabric products to give the form) come together to create a distinctive symbol. The use of repetition in shape, and the use of positive and negative space reference the patterning of textiles.

The symbol reflects three key design philosophies. The first is meaning-making and inference through repetition. Here, this is patterns and repeated motions to form a continuous textile.

The second is abstraction. Leaving enough space for for the viewer to apply their own understanding (in psychology: projection), a connection is made with a viewer by avoiding the literal or dogmatic.

And finally, minimum means and maximum meaning through the use of positive and negative space. The symbols says more by using less.